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How to increase your Libido this Winter How to increase your Libido this Winter
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How to increase your Libido this Winter

How to increase your Libido this Winter  | The Black Book WYLD Blog
How to Increase your Libido This Winter | Wyld Man and Woman

For many of us winter is not our favourite time of the year. Getting up in the dark, dragging ourselves away from our nice warm beds, layering up against the elements, de-icing the windshields of our cars, and cranking the heat to try and feel some kind sensation in our hands. If this wasn’t enough winter can play havoc with our sex lives. During winter the human body is biologically programmed to decrease in sex drive and hibernate. Not only do we like to sleep more, but a lot of us increase our carbohydrate intake thus causing us to be a lot more lethargic.

It is possible to increase your energy and libido during winter. Three key ways to increase your libido during winter is by exercising, eating right and adding natural aphrodisiac supplements to your everyday routine.

Whether it be exercising in the morning or after work, motivating one’s self can be just as difficult as physical exercise itself. However certain steps can be taken in order to be more active.  Join a class or team up with some friends – this should encourage commitment and motivation.

In addition to exercise, diet plays a pivotal role in increasing and also decreasing your energy and libido levels during winter. A great way of increasing ones libido via diet is through eating various fresh foods such as oysters, and avocados. Not only are oysters a great source of protein but they are also:


  • High in zinc which is said to increase the production of testosterone in men.
  • A fantastic source of dopamine, a naturally occurring chemical that is connected to pleasure, thus increasing your libido.
  • Avocados are said to increase your libido as well. Avocados contain
  • Vitamin B6 (which is said to increase testosterone levels)
  • Potassium which is said to regulate a woman’s thyroid gland.

Supplements are another way of increasing libido. For men Tribulus is a naturally occurring chemical that when taken in supplement form can increase natural production of testosterone. For women Ginkgo is a fantastic supplement that increases libido. Studies show that Ginkgo enhances concentration and memory, as well as improve blood flow.

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