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How can I get more energy in day-to-day life?

How can I get more energy in day-to-day life? | The Black Book WYLD Blog

Energy is vital to a happy, healthy and full life. It gives us strength, focus and vivacity for everyday life. Sadly many men and women feel they need more energy - more energy to get through the day, more energy to get through the household chores, more energy to deal with the kids and more energy for themselves!

Lack of energy can leave you lethargic and drained possibly affecting your sexual desire, also referred to as a low libido. A low libido is quite common with men and women generally a result of a lack of energy, stress and fatigue*.

You can incorporate small changes/additions to your life to get more energy such as:

  • Drink lots of water
  • Include regular exercise into your routine
  • Eat smaller meals more frequently, this will help you maintain a steady dose of energy
  • Incorporate low glycemic foods such as fruits and vegetables and whole wheat grains
  • If you need an energy boost reach for blueberries, raspberries or strawberries
  • Get you B vitamin intake. B vitamins help to convert blood sugar to usable energy
  • Get a good rest every night

There are many supplements available to help restore and maintain energy. There are also supplements available to help with a low libido. A good libido formula will focus on many of the contributing factors such as energy, stress, fatigue, circulation, mental alertness, endurance, stamina and sexual desire.

Wyld Man is specifically formulated for men with added Zinc for a healthy sperm count and Tribulus to support male sexual function. Wyld Woman is formulated with B vitamins to restore and maintain energy and Gingko to improve blood circulation. Find out where you can buy Wyld Man and Wyld Woman.

*A low libido can also be the result of medical conditions and treatments. Please see your healthcare professional in this instance.