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Who's stressed? Who's stressed?
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Who's stressed?

Who's stressed? | The Black Book WYLD Blog

I caught the report on stressed out Sydney suburbs the other night and it got me thinking.... I don’t think I know one person who isn’t stressed to some degree.

Stress is so big in Australia that there is an entire website and helpline devoted to it [reachout.com] and a mass of self-help, management and stress relief articles online. Pfizer Australia released a health report on stress that revealed 9/10 Australians have felt stressed! Not surprisingly work and finance are undoubtedly the areas causing people the most stress.

Revelation... 44% of women and 22% of men eat comfort food when stressed – so that’s why I’ve been putting on weight!! I was out with some friends yesterday and I asked, on a scale of 1-10, how stressed they thought they were. We all averaged about 8!

Exercise, relaxation, fun, rest and a healthy lifestyle help us to better manage and deal with stress. Why is it though when one is stressed, the suggestion of more exercise, rest and a healthy lifestyle sparks one to stress about time. When do we fit it in around, work, chores and family?

If you could upload an image or picture to describe your stress what would it be?