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Top 5 foods to boost your energy Top 5 foods to boost your energy
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Top 5 foods to boost your energy

Top 5 foods to boost your energy | The Black Book WYLD Blog
Top Foods to Boost Energy | Wyld Man and Woman

Did you know that there are a number of foods that can help boost your energy and help you refuel?

Here are the Top 5 foods to boost your energy:


1. Almonds or your favourite nuts and seeds.

By eating a handful of nuts you will not only boost your energy but fill you up. Almonds in particular contain protein, calcium and vitamins. They can be calorie rich but are nutrient rich too and will keep your metabolism working.

2. Fruit.

Reach for blueberries, raspberries or strawberries for a quick boost of energy. The vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates in fruit combine to a quick burst of energy. Snacking on fruits of any kind can have an antioxidant effect after you eat it due to their richness of vitamins, including vitamin C.

3. Green foods.

These contain a good source of vitamins, magnesium and iron helping to increase your energy. Remember to pack some leafy vegetables, celery or green peppers for lunch!

4. Oats.

These are great for breakfast or as a snack during the day. Oats have a good source of fiber which gives you a steady level of energyover time. They have a low GI so you don’t have to worry about getting in too much sugar. It’s best to go with natural oats and sweeten them yourself with a little natural honey or a few pieces of banana.

5. Water.

Refuel your body by drinking water throughout the day. Keep a reusable bottle by your side as a reminder to drink. You’ll notice that you will have more energy and feel less tired.

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