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Tips on how to think more clearly!

Tips on how to think more clearly! | The Black Book WYLD Blog

We’ve got the best tips on how to keep your mind clear and stress-free! Try at least one of these helpful tips and see how you feel after a week! Good luck!

Balanced Lifestyle |Think more Clearly with Wyld
  • Revive your inner being; keep a sand tray on your desk at work to relax your mind and remind you to stay centred during the day
    sand tray
  • Reboot; create a list of things that are important in your life and check how you feel about each one. Shuffle your commitments based on your answers and note the things that bring you happiness, don’t just criticise.
  • Power naps; it’s proven that 15 – 30 minute naps can boost productivity. When you sleep deeper you wake up fresher! Try spraying lavender oil on your pillow or sleep mask.
  • Before an important task use mindfulness-based breathing to help you focus better! Sit with your eyes closed and breathe normally. Focus on each breath and if your mind wanders, return the focus to your breath. After 60 seconds blink your eyes open!
  • Nurture your network of friends and family daily, loneliness may be as dangerous for your health as smoking! Join a recreational sports team to meet like-minded people or a book club – attend events that will help you mingle with new crowds!

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