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Tip’s for Men feeling good!

Tip’s for Men feeling good! | The Black Book WYLD Blog

It is a well-known fact that what you are is what you eat! So if you want to start feeling and looking good, here are some tips on our feel good diet!

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Fibre Fibrous carbs fill you up and release serotonin steadily, so you can stay mellow as work stress starts to bite.

Food Tip: porridge, Weet-Bix or rye toast

Snack 1:

Tryptophan Regular snacking keeps dopamine levels up, while the amino acid tryptophan will boost serotonin.

Food Tip: pistachios, beef jerky or soy nuts


Vitamin B6 A study in Neurochemical Research found this vitamin helps to maintain dopamine receptors in the brain.

Food Tip: sashimi, tuna or chicken salad

Snack 2:

Tyrosine Like tryptophan, tyrosine increases the production of happy hormones, to keep you going through to 5pm.

Food Tip: banana, milk and cottage cheese


Vitamin E To enhance vitamin E’s cheering effect, add it to mood-enhancing lean protein for a dinner-time high.

Food Tip: steak and spinach, stir-fry with chilli, peanut and chicken curry