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Stressed out, uptight, control freak! Is this you? Stressed out, uptight, control freak! Is this you?
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Stressed out, uptight, control freak

Stressed out, uptight, control freak | The Black Book WYLD Blog

I’m a marketer by day and a mum to my 19 month old daughter the rest of the time. I recently starting working with Wyld and it wasn’t until the weekend just gone that I realised I could really do with some Wyld.

I was at an engagement party, something you’d expect to enjoy but I really didn’t get the chance to enjoy any of it. I was there without my husband, as he was off working again, and had my little one and niece to run after.

I spent the first 3 seconds dumping my bag and saying hello before I spent the next however long chasing the kids up and down the driveway. “Don’t run up and down the driveway cause you might slip”. I sure showed them when i tumbled down the driveway myself.

A simple conversation can only be described with one word – distracted! You’re talking but your eyes are constantly darting between your child and the person you’re talking to. I ate just half my dinner, went to the toilet 14 times (cause it’s such a game) and then marvelled at my daughter on the dance floor. By the end of the night I was exhausted and felt a little ripped off.

I used to enjoy these parties but my lifestyle and responsibilities have now changed. I work full time, I do almost all the cooking and cleaning, take care of my two enormous dogs, manage the finances and I’m in the middle of building a house. When I look at it like this I no longer feel guilty about looking forward to my quiet time at night when little missy goes to bed.

I would describe myself as quite a stressed out, uptight control freak. I long to be that easy going, happy mum and ultimately a happy wife. So, I’ve taken my first Wyld this morning and although I realise it won’t help with the washing or the bills, I’m looking forward to gaining the benefits.