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Ideas for the long weekend Ideas for the long weekend
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Ideas for long weekend

Ideas for long weekend  | The Black Book WYLD Blog
Ideas for Long Weekend

Four day weekend Woo hoo!!

I have been looking forward to this long weekend all year but the only problem is I still can’t decide on what I am doing. After the weekend just been (consisting of 3 birthdays and a family reunion) I am not really up for being out and about and just want to relax. However my other half may have mixed feelings to sitting around watching sport all weekend. So the challenge now is to find something that both of us can do. Here are some of my ideas for this long weekend.

  • Take advantage of my brothers free holiday home down the south coast. Beach every day, couple of glasses of wine with dinner.
  • Dinner and drinks on Friday, movie Saturday night and potter around the city Sunday afternoon
  • Same as above but catch up on some chores Sunday and Monday (Bit daggy I know) 
PhotoSource Flickr Leonard John Matthews