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How to Get Your Libido Back! How to Get Your Libido Back!
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How to Get Your Libido Back

How to Get Your Libido Back | The Black Book WYLD Blog
How to Get Your Libido Back

The first question that anybody suffering from a low libido will ask is how do I get my libido back? Getting your libido back first starts by having a raw honest look at the day to day lifestyle choices we make. Do we exercise enough? Are our diets the best that they can be? Are we stressed? What is the state of our relationships? Only when we sit down and start to really analyse these factors of our lives do we have a chance to perhaps pinpoint a problem.

Physical exercise is a great place to start when making lifestyle changes that can enhance libido. For men, exercise not only helps improve cardiovascular capacity but also helps reduce body fat which has a roll-on effect that helps increase circulation and therefore assists in bringing testosterone levels back to normal. For women, physical exercise can be a great way for not only reducing fat but also increasing circulation that will have an overall effect on vitality. Another added bonus for both parties is the fact that physical exercise releases endorphins ( Dopamine the bodies feel good drug) into the blood stream, which are the same feel good drugs that are released during sexual activity.

Certain foods containing various vitamins and minerals can also influence libido. Specific foods have been used for thousands of years to enhance libido such as chocolate which was used by the Aztecs and honey which was used by the Romans. However, in today’s society the most widely regarded foods that can affect libido range from Avocados, Oysters, Almonds and Bananas each containing various vitamins and minerals that can help enhance libido.

Overall libido is something that can be influenced by a combination of sources; lifestyle choices, health initiatives and mood.

There are natural supplements that can help enhance libido but in order to regain one's libido, an honest approach to the problem is needed.

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