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Have you still got it? Have you still got it?
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Have you still got it?

Have you still got it? | The Black Book WYLD Blog

Being single for many of us was a major part of our lives. Whether it was playing the field or playing the game, the fact of the matter is once we find that special someone we retire ourselves from the single scene. The other night I was out to dinner with some friends of mine and the topic of conversation was how do you know if you’ve still got it?

I hear this topic quite often among a lot of my married friends, but not often is it put to the test? Is it as simple as making eye contact with someone, holding their gaze and waiting for a mischievous grin, a wink, or does it have to be as obvious as someone asking for your number? So instead of wondering about it, we decided to put it to the test.

Definitely, one of the most hilarious dinners the girls and I have had for in a long while! The topic of knowing whether or not you still have got it is not a new topic by a long shot, especially with the male of the species. Men seem to think that if they were not married to us they could have any women they desire. For women, the question seems to develop due to feelings of undesirability and the less attention we receive after the honeymoon period of our marriage is over – and no, this isn’t a whinge. So how do we know if we still have it? And what’s the difference between having it and not having it? And does it even matter?

Here in the office they tell me it’s all about self confidence. I’ll go with that!

Check out the new movie Hall Pass coming out this week. It’s quite an interesting insight into this same topic.