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Elevator Etiquette

Elevator Etiquette | The Black Book WYLD Blog

I was in the lift today and there was this woman munching on an apple and spitting each bite back into her hand. After glaring at her for a few seconds I realised that she was bitting off the skin. What’s with that – and in the lift? Then there’s the group of men that crowd towards the front of the lift and don’t move to the back to let other people in. Isn’t that just what you do? Most women don’t get their kicks from rubbing up against strange, goofy men! There’s also this guy in our building that works for a computer mob who happily breaks wind in the lift.

Something as simple as getting to my car in the afternoon has turned into a complete office topic of conversation, a joke about the “journey” to and from the office.

I always give a thank you wave when merging into the traffic, even when it’s not as abruptly as it can sometimes be, the other morning this woman shot out in front of me and then slammed on the brakes to line up with the traffic. No wave and no acknowledgement of thanks just complete ignorance.

This got me thinking about old fashion, everyday etiquette seems to have been chewed up and spat out – just like the apple! Why is so hard for people to refrain from their bad habits and ignorance in public, do they enjoy it or do they really just not care?