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Cheap and potentially cheerful

Cheap and potentially cheerful  | The Black Book WYLD Blog

Am I the last person to find out about buying designer clothes online? In between running the kids around, cooking dinner and cleaning up after them I rarely have the need to wear designer threads. With that said there are occasions that require a little more style.

I was doing the grocery shopping yesterday when I walked past the perfect outfit for a wedding I have coming up. I tried it on and it fit like it was tailor made. It was a bit pricey but I thought I would treat myself and there is nothing I could throw together from my wardrobe (well that’s what I tell my husband).

I meet up with a girlfriend last night and told her I’d finally picked up a dress for the wedding. She was all for it until she found out how much I paid for it. She’s the type of gal who’s all up on shopping for clothes online. Me, I’ve never really had the nerve to try it… I figure it’d just be a pain to have to send things back if they don’t fit right, or what if they just look like crap on me? She went on to tell me about the discounts she’s getting on designer brands and shopping overseas to take advantage of our strong AUS dollar. Now is actually a great time to be buying from overseas stores.

When I got home I looked up a UK site, ASOS. And yeah, I could be convinced to give it a try. There were probably 3 outfits I could have brought for the wedding and could have saved myself some serious money! I ordered myself a pair of Palazzo Trousers (some trendy new wide leg pant) got them for just £15.00 which converts to around $22.00. Needless to say the next formal event that I have to go to I will definitely have a look at shopping online. I feel like I’ve could have just found my “sexy”… nice tops, bags and event wear at the click of a mouse….. No more queues, kids screaming and best of all ... the clothes I want are not so far out of my price range. Think I’m getting a little too excited, think I should just wait until my pants get here and go from there.