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Can you really sex yourself Healthy? Can you really sex yourself Healthy?
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Can you really sex yourself Healthy?

Can you really sex yourself Healthy? | The Black Book WYLD Blog

The favourite part of my day is the 10 minutes I get to myself when I first get into the office in the morning. I can relax enjoy my cup of tea and read through the day's headlines, basically the calm before the storm which is my day. With summer just 120 days away most health/ Beauty/ Fitness articles are promising that I can get that killer bikini body. Today’s body and soul section of Today’s Daily Telegraph had a different swing on how I can achieve that killer body and great overall health.

“Why sex is good for you in August” was the title of the article. I started reading it in passing thinking it was going to be a bit blasay and full of dirty facts, but to be honest I was actually quite intrigued and surprised by some of the facts and idea’s it came out with. According to the article sex is a great way of testing your eyes and can also help you quit smoking … strange! Apparently sex not only alleviates neck and shoulder tension but also strengths bones. The article went onto explain how women who are more sexually active have higher levels of oestrogen which enables for quicker muscle and bone regeneration.

A funny point of the article touched on an old cliché that sex causes heart attacks , when in fact having a heart attack during sex only accounted for 1 % of all deaths, with the article going on to mention that having sex three times a week could halve your chances of having a heart attack or a stroke. I knew it was good for you but wow... who needs a pharmacist when you have a partner. The most interesting part though was the fact that sex for half an hour burns up to 144 calories. So for someone who hates the gym and other forms of exercise this could be the most enjoyable way to lose weight. he he

Is the Pharmacist a thing of the past? Can you really sex yourself healthy?

Check the article out for yourself here: