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What is Better Sex? Time, Romance, Fun, No Excuses, Just Doing It What is Better Sex? Time, Romance, Fun, No Excuses, Just Doing It
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What is better sex?

What is better sex? | The Black Book WYLD Blog

Better sex is not just about performance. It is also keeping that spark alive in a marriage or a long term committed relationship. It can be much easier said than done.

As we age we generally take on more responsibilities and the daily grind with stress and fatigue, work pressure, illnesses, finance and even the kids - it really seems there is actually less time for sex and in some cases these issues tend to outweigh the importance of sex. It's no surprise that thousands of Australians are experiencing a low libido.

The importance of sex in a relationship is completely subjective and depends on the couple. Some couples may feel their sex life is lacking if they’re not partaking at least once a week, while others may be content with monthly sex or even a couple of times a year. How many times you’re doing it isn’t the issue – it’s more about whether you’re content with your current situation.

Do you want more sex or better sex? Better sex starts with YOU. Better sex isn’t necessarily about the performance but more about the enjoyment and the connection of the couple.

There are a number of steps to take to invigorate your currently low libido. Incorporate a selection of these Wyld better sex tips in addition to a natural libido formula and start your journey to better sex today!

Better sex starts here...

  • Time! Make time for each other – it is easy to forget to listen with everything else that generally goes on day to day. Make an effort to take the time to listen to what each other has to say. If one has had a bad day or something great happen you should want to hear and/or tell your partner. After the kids go to bed, turn the TV off and listen!
  • Romance! Offer a kind word or gesture – Make a romantic dinner, a foot rub or even a kind “That looks great on you”. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to do something kind for your partner.
  • Fun! Make time for fun – Life can be tough. To have a well-rounded relationship it is important to take a breather and really enjoy each others company.
  • Date night – get out of the house, leave the kids with a babysitter and hit the town. Enjoy each other's company and refrain from talking about work or family.
  • Forget the excuses – It’s easy to make excuses not do it - Headaches, too tired, got to get up early? Make excuses to do it!
  • Keep it simple – apparently, just 7-13 minutes of lovemaking is considered desirable for both men and women.
  • Just do it! – Sometimes you’ve got to get started to get in the mood. Make some time and go for it. The first time’s the hardest!

Better sex starts with YOU.