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Siberian Ginseng: Key to Improving Sexual Stamina & Endurance? Siberian Ginseng: Key to Improving Sexual Stamina & Endurance?
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Siberian Ginseng...Assisting in times of stress

Siberian Ginseng...Assisting in times of stress | The Black Book WYLD Blog

Siberian Ginseng, also referred to as Chi Wu Jia in traditional Chinese Medicinal records, has been used in eastern medicine for over 2000 years.

It was originally used to prevent cold and flu and to increase vitality, longevity and energy, now commonly used these days to reduce stress and fatigue. The active ingredient in Siberian Ginseng, eleutherosides, is thought to stimulate the immune system and binds together our receptor sites to exert actions that are important to the body’s response to stress. In simple terms, Siberian Ginseng can help the way our bodies and minds deal with mental and physical stress. Those everyday woes can seem a little easier. Whether it be work, running the kids around, helping with homework, or household chores Siberian ginseng can give you that edge.

The Siberian Ginseng plant is a green shrub native to the far east. The root of the shrub is used for medicinal purposes, shaped similarly to a turnip. Siberian Ginseng comes in forms of tea, liquid extract, powders and capsules.

Interestingly, Russian cosmonauts are known to have used Siberian Ginseng to improve alertness and energy in addition to aid the stress of life in space.

Having the energy to focus and last the entire day can be easier said than done for many mothers and women on the go. Not only do you have to deal with day to day pressures but, also the added complications of our personal lives. Siberian Ginseng could also give you that boost in energy levels that allows you to push through the day with ease. Along with a boost in energy Siberian Ginseng is also said to help one concentrate longer and improve memory function.