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Love Advice…The Secrets to a Happy Relationship

Love Advice…The Secrets to a Happy Relationship | The Black Book WYLD Blog

Love advice for marriages and long term committed relationships. These days more often than not, we take for granted the “honeymoon” stage of any relationship. The beginning of a new relationship is bliss, exciting and eventful and then it creeps up on you… routine steps in. You don’t go out as often, aren’t intimate as often and most certainly wouldn’t refer to your relationship as bliss. Tuesday night is washing night, the lawns need doing on the weekend, the kids have got to get to soccer practice, the electricity has gone up again!

You’re not alone. There are over 12,000 people searching for love advice on the net every month.

Work stress, family and finance pressures can play havoc on even a solid relationship. At the end of most days both men and women are exhausted and the comfort of their partner fits well into the daily routine of dinner, kids and TV. Getting physical satisfaction can seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

The most solid piece of love advice and the key to a great relationship is to understand each other, and each other’s needs. As the dynamics of work and family life changes the attention will shift in a relationship.

While there are thousands of couples seeking love advice there is some simple steps you can start with:

EFFORT – Regardless of what you plan to achieve in life you’ll get out of it what you put in. Put the effort into your relationship.

HONESTY – Don’t expect your partner to read your mind and vice versa. Lay any lingering issues out on the table and talk honestly and openly about how you feel and what you can both do to help resolve the situation.

UNDERSTANDING - Every couple has their differences, working through issues is healthy for a relationship. Listen to what your partner’s issues are and understand how they feel about the issue.

FLEXIBILITY – People, circumstances and challenges change over time. It’s healthy to change and grow along life’s path. Go with the flow.

YOU – Be yourself. Your personality is 70% of your looks and 100% of who you are and the reason your relationship began in the first place. Let it shine.