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Loss of Libido in Men | How to combat the issues Loss of Libido in Men | How to combat the issues
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Loss of Libido in Men

Loss of Libido in Men | The Black Book WYLD Blog

A loss of libido in men can doubt the many men that pride themselves on being strong, masculine and perhaps virile forces to be reckoned with. However for quite a few men an issue rarely discussed with their mates down the pub on a Friday afternoon is their lack of sex drive or sexual desire. Men tend to feel embarrassed about their lagging libido and feel distanced from their strong, masculine self. What these men don’t realise is that they are not alone. Loss of libido in men is said to affect 30% of the male population, with a National Sex Survey revealing a huge 85% of men want more sex in their relationships.

What feels like an embarrassing and irreversible problem has a wealth of possible solutions. There are pharmaceutical drugs such as Viagra and Cialis as an option of treatment, however this avenue may not be suitable for some men. Herbal remedies are a great alternative to address loss of libido in men. A good libido formula will help tackle a range of issues that can contribute to a low libido such as stress, fatigue, circulation and energy.

Key ingredients that are found in a male libido formulas are the Tribulus supplement & Horny Goat Weed for sexual function support; Ginseng for enhanced endurance and increased energy; Zinc to maintain a healthy sperm count; Ginko to improve the blood flow to the extremities; and Guarana to promote mental alertness.

Tribulus is a natural testosterone booster that raises the body’s natural testosterone level therefore helps to increase sex drive. Tribulus is also a popular supplement among athletes and bodybuilders. This is due to the spike in natural testosterone levels as well as increases in muscle mass while taking the supplement. Some say that Tribulus has also been used for many years as an anti aging supplement.

In addition to any supplement set to help a loss of libido in men should be coupled with a healthy diet, regular exercise and rest. Review details of the Wyld for Men libido formula.