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Are you in an Unhealthy Relationship? Are you in an Unhealthy Relationship?
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Are you in an Unhealthy Relationship?

Are you in an Unhealthy Relationship? | The Black Book WYLD Blog

Do you feel as though you are in an unhealthy relationship?

The bonds and relationships that we form with one another can shape and change the direction of our lives. This direction can lead down various roads whether it be friendships that last a life time or relationships that lead to more formal affairs including marriage and kids. For some of us it isn’t uncommon to experience frustration in a relationship or a period of what some would consider an unhealthy relationship. Most relationships have their ups and downs, it’s quite natural to experience some anger, frustration and annoyance with your partner. If fact, you may not be in such an unhealthy relationship but perhaps a relationship that could do with a little massaging.

Commonly an unhealthy relationship can be attributed to poor communication. Communication is the foundation of every good relationship. Lack of communication between couples can, over time, slowly wither away, opening the door for nit picking and arguments that seem to come from nowhere. Good communication is expressing your thoughts, beliefs, dreams and ambitions with your partner. Truly listening to what the other person has to say doesn’t solely consist of nodding and agreeing with everything, or a mumble here and there, it is important to take into consideration how your partner is feeling, understanding their feelings and working on a solution together. Although screaming and yelling may seem like a good idea at the time, it rarely helps resolve a situation.

Turn your unhealthy relationship around. Bring back the fun and vibrancy to your relationship by keeping things fresh and exciting. Many long term relationships become stuck in a rut of routine and lack those feelings of excitement. So make the effort to bring the excitement back!

  • Turn the TV off. Grab a board game or a deck of cards for the evening’s entertainment.
  • Cook dinner together. Pick a recipe for a dish you’ve both not had before and prepare the meal together. Again leave the TV off – play some music instead.
  • Try something different in the bedroom. Step outside your comfort zone and enjoy each other.
  • Organise a date night. Have someone mind the kids and go out for dinner, a movie or a show.
  • Get out of town. It doesn’t need to be for an entire weekend, perhaps just for the day. Pack a picnic lunch and pick a destination that you’ll both enjoy.
  • Relax and laugh. They do say that laughter is the best medicine. Relax with each other, feel comfortable to be who you are and say what you please.
  • Find the fun in family. You don’t always have to exclude the kids to re-energise an unhealthy relationship. Grab a bike each and head over to the local park, take a frisbee to the beach – whatever you prefer.

Relationships aren’t always easy and aren’t meant to be a walk in the park. Many couples become complacent and comfortable within their relationship which may lead to one person feeling distanced from the relationship. Adding a little spice and changing the everyday routine can help revitalise an unhealthy relationship. Take time for each other and put as much energy into your relationship as you do with all things you enjoy and love.

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