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The Importance of Fish in your Diet

The Importance of Fish in your Diet  | The Black Book WYLD Blog

In order for me to function in the morning I require two things,  1 Long black with 2 sugars and 15 minutes alone to read through the paper. This is the only time of the day which is truly mine and that I can get in the zone and prepare myself for the day ahead. Funny thing is a lot of the things I read in the morning will reverberate in my head the entire day (weird I know) .

Take this morning for instance I read an article about how important it is to have fatty fish in your diet. According to a study from the University of Los Angeles people who have a low intake of Fatty acids derived from fish have lower brain volumes, decreased visual memory, decreased ability to problem solve and a diminished ability to multi task ( clearly this is higher in men haha ).

So I’m now sitting down for lunch and all I can think about is how I should eat more fish, sad I know. Any ideas for some good recipes that include fish ?




Photo Source  Flickr Tim Pearce